Shoes R Fun

Have fun with shoelaces

My monotonous look
One fine day I told my best friend that I am tired of trying to change my look. I do change many things in my appearance, but now even those have become monotonous. Some like to wear this, some like to wear that but it all comes down to even the craziest of fashion ideas, such as, Lebron shoelaces.

I asked her if she could suggest me another way to change my look.
I got a pat reply “Did you try changing your hairstyle”
I said yes, I have done that a lot many times. It does help but I have got bored.

Here came another suggestion, “Try having a varied wardrobe
Again, I had a prompt reply, “I have plenty of clothes from different countries.”

The only option left is to go to office dressed as a cowboy now.
Finally came a good answer from my friend: “You must have tried wearing different types of shoelaces also, right?”

Did you trying wearing different shoelaces? This was actually something new. I said no, this sounds new to me.

My dear shoelaces
So, with the passion to explore a new change in my dressing style, I explored multiple websites over Internet and picked up my few shoelace styles. I am sharing a few of them with you. See if you like them.

1. Shoes can be crayons: Well, since you cannot paint your shoes in different colors daily, in case you don’t have 100 pairs already, you can buy different colors of shoe laces. Now, you can try pairing these shoelaces with different shoes and see the resulting change.

2. 2 side prints: Check out some e-commerce sites and you will find these 2 side printed laces.
Wear one side on Monday and the next on Friday. This is actually a budget option for me.

3. Disco Shoelaces: If you’re a guy, you can wear these light shoe laces and take your girl to a party. Who will not get impressed?

4. Go Sparkle: Try out Nike sparkle laces for women. A little sparkle adds to your look terrifically.

5. Cowboy Look: If you really want to try a cowboy look some fine day, try a pair of leather or was shoelaces. They look really awesome if paired with black or long shoes.

6. Create new lacing: Surprise your colleagues with straight lacing on one day and criss-cross lacing on the other day.
Pentagram or ladder lacing can give you an edge in the crowd.

Go play

Be a free soul and go play with your shoe laces and let your friends know. I just did that. So, go and spread some more glamor around.