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Vegas Style Clubs: Check Out Washington DC’s Latest Craze!

Washington DC could not boast of a vibrant nightlife in the past but the best nightclubs in DC can’t compare to one of them. However, these days one has a greater choice in nightclubs, lounges and bars in the area. There are numerous night clubs which offer a wider choice of venues to revel the night away. Most clubs now feature live music ranging from jazz or live bands and DJ music which goes on late way into the wee hours of the morning.

With Vega style nightclubs, DC caters to everyone’s taste. Themed clubs are also in plenty. There are a lot of gay /lesbian clubs in 17th street in Dupont circle. Club Chaos is quite a thrilling place as is the Dupont Italian Kitchen. For electronic and trance music fans, the super clubs, Club Glow and Fur Night club both offer amazing talents and extremely vibrant sounds to please evevryone.

High end clubs take on a more lounge feel, with exquisite wines, and private VIP spaces. Upscale clubs include the Capitale, Love with four levels and four decks and luxurious sitting lounges, the Lux Lounge and the sophisticated Recess Lounge. These places boast of a classier clientele where money is no object for a great night out!

Another high end lounge, The District, boasts a sushi bar for those who want something more exotic on the menu. It’s also a great place for people who may want to dance the night away as the DJs play a variety of music and, oh, you should get there a bit earlier as the place gets really packed once the night gets older.

The only major differences between the upscale clubs and younger-themed clubs would be the size, the number of different rooms available and, of course, the music. A really Vegas style nightclub is the Opera UltraLounge with excellent DJ music in a highly charged atmosphere.

There are also really large high capacity venues for concerts and large scale music events. The Echostage can hold up to 30,000 people. The Ibiza DC nightclub also offers four different rooms and boasts state of the art lighting and sound. It also has private rooms.

Latin and African themed clubs are also available in DC. Clubs such as the Lima Lounge or the Havana Lounge will give you a taste of the respective cultures that inspire them. Café Citron is also a two-level Latin lounge that offers salsa music and flamenco performances on some nights. The Bukom Café is a West African inspired nightclub where you can enjoy reggae music.