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Important Features to have on a Website for a Law Firm

Online presence is a modern aspect and a need for any law firm so finding a good Chicago marketing agency is the right thing to do. A good website creates publicity and makes it possible for potential clients to locate, contact and get more details about your firm. A website shows your firm’s image in terms of specialization, experience, personality and ability to communicate to the public. A legal web design that is appealing has much significance to your firm’s practice.

The most important feature on a law firm’s website is clear contact details. Your potential clients need adequate contact details on how to get in touch with you on mobile and landline numbers, e-mail address and physical address so the proper legal web design is needed. This information should be made prominent on the site and should be available hassle free. In some cases, the contact numbers should be clickable to make a call and a contact form should be provided without the need of putting in email address.

The web content on the website should be easy to understand. There should be clear information on what you do on certain common situations. As most clients are not lawyers, the language used should be in layman’s terms and easy to comprehend. All the content should be well summarized for the client to grasp whether you have what they require. For different service descriptions, use separate landing pages linked to the main page.

The website should be easy to use with instant access to information with a single click. The content should be compelling, humanizing the profession and making lawyers easy to approach. There should be informative lawyers’ profiles as some clients need to know the lawyer before contacting them. This will also create a good impression giving positive and stronger firm’s image.

Some of the details to include on the profiles are good, presentable and professional-looking updated. More importantly, add your area of specialization, experience with specific client needs and clients’ reviews that are true and accurate.

The content should be of high quality, relevant and useful and not necessarily for SEO purposes or self-promotion. SEO is important but the visitors need web content that is useful to them. They will visit back the site if the published information is helpful. Use skilled content writers to write your web content for a professional appearance.

A good legal web design should make the website easy to navigate and should have use-friendly feature. Such features could include an internal search engine, accurate navigation text and a site map.