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Great Landscaping Ideas in Northern VA

Irrigation systems really sell themselves, especially for local irrigation companies in Northern VA. Commercial irrigation systems provide both convenience and peace of mind. Just as important, they help maintain the health of your commercial landscaping, whether we’re in drought conditions or it’s the time of year for Northern Virginia’s infamous monsoon rains. 

Sprinkler systems help control the correct amount of water to the appropriate plant material. They allow your landscape design to be separated by zones into grass, beds and color areas that have different water needs due to varying plant materials and sunlight conditions. 

Additionally, today’s commercial irrigation systems use technology that let you set an automatic schedule for your property while still allowing you the option to switch to manual for the unexpected events.

The anatomy of an irrigation system contains a combination of heads and controller technology that can be used to create a site-specific system for your commercial property.

For instance, rotors are water heads that work well in large grassy areas. Rotor describes the various sprinklers that operate by rotating streams of water back and forth over the landscape. 

Pop-up spray heads were designed for smaller spaces such as landscape beds. These small heads usually produce a fan-shaped pattern of water. 

Drip irrigation and bubbles work well for pots, planters, urns, trees and flower beds. 

Controllers are quite sophisticated these days and come with various programs. Rain sensors and water delay features prevent over-watering of your plant material during times of natural rain. 

In the pre-planning phase, head spacing within an irrigation system is crucial for proper watering coverage. The calculation and specific measuring of head locations are important steps in providing even coverage. 

Most systems are divided into circuits, each with its own control valve, which is operated by an electronic controller that turns each circuit on and off according to the schedule you desire. The key equation of quality commercial irrigation systems goes like this: good coverage and plenty of valves equal the control that benefits your landscape the best. 

When installing an irrigation system, plans and permits are required by some cities. As with all digging, it is important to call for utility line locations first. If you want to install an irrigation system in an established lawn, trenches should be hand-dug so as not to disturb any lines and wiring, including landscape lighting wiring.

If you’re in the building phase, a tree preservation plan may include a temporary irrigation system to water the trees during construction, which sometimes can last a few years. Hand-digging around trees to minimize damage to them and their root systems is a very important part of tree preservation. 

Ongoing maintenance is the last critical aspect of an irrigation system. These systems require regular care, such as the replacement of broken heads and stuck valves and the setting of different start times. Before working with any contractor, it is advisable to understand what kind of commercial landscape maintenance service they offer after the installation.

Bottom line, commercial irrigation systems save water, time, energy and money.

Commercial landscaping is an integral part of a commercial property. It makes the initial impression on prospective tenants–and you know what they say about first impressions and the number of chances you get. As for your current tenants, it helps keeps them happy and content and in place by giving them beautiful surroundings. Finally, well-done commercial landscaping preserves and enhances the overall property value. 

Commercial Landscaping: The Design Process 

The basic components of a commercial landscape design include: 

* Design. During the design process, your commercial landscape designers or landscape architects will work to bring together the program elements, your desired aesthetics, and all permitting issues. This phase includes landscape layout, plans for plant materials and budget development. In providing design services, a true professional should work creatively, diligently and patiently to help you define the scope of your project, assist in the selection of materials, coordinate vendors, determine the scheduling, and adhere to the approved budget. 

* Drainage systems. A plan for landscape drainage is essential for commercial properties in the Gulf Coast region due to Northern Virginia’s dense soils, low-lying areas, and heavy rainfalls. A proper drainage system protects your property from flooding, provides protection for the foundation of building(s), especially from cracking and uneven shrinkage or swelling, and carries water away from roofs, paved areas and landscaping, thereby avoiding standing water where mosquitoes can breed or people can slip and fall. Drainage contractors are particularly valuable in viewing the drainage system as a whole to ensure all the pieces work well together. 

* Irrigation systems. Another essential feature of commercial landscaping, irrigation systems save money and provide convenience. They supply appropriate amounts of water to the various plants, thus protecting your landscape investment. They perform this function by separating the lawn, flower beds, and planters into different zones that require different watering conditions due to the various plant types, weather and sunlight conditions. 

* Landscape lighting. Since lighting has been proven to deter crime, one of the most important services that landscape lighting delivers is safety. This attribute makes it an invaluable benefit to entities that conduct business at night, such as restaurants, hotels, social clubs, country clubs, museums, colleges, and schools. Additionally, as part of the commercial landscaping, a well-designed landscape lighting system gives your property round-the-clock visibility. the third purpose of landscape lighting can be to create an ethereal work of art, proving that beauty can be functional. 

Commercial Landscaping: Ongoing Maintenance 

As owner or manager of a commercial property, your days are filled with time management issues–meetings, budgets, security, tenants’ needs and demands. Therefore, an important partner for you to add to your team is a commercial landscape maintenance provider who can work efficiently and effectively without continual oversight. 

The first order of business for this professional is regular maintenance. Duties include turf care–mowing, edging, fertilizing and treating it for any diseases. Hedges, bushes and ground cover need to be trimmed too so that they conform to the original design’s intent. Trees need looking after: deep-root feeding, aeration that promotes healthy roots, and inspection for disease and insect infestations. All plants need to be fertilized on a regular schedule, especially plants of the tropical, acidic and seasonal color variety. Plants also need systematic observation of and treatment for pests and diseases that are detrimental to overall health. 

The addition of seasonal color to commercial landscaping is also important as it maintains an updated image of the property. Your landscaping pro should have an extensive and creative expertise with plant choices, color, and texture that will bring your property to life.

Best Ever Bollywood Songs

The rich Indian culture and tradition is not something that is unheard of. The music and dance tradition that has existed over the ages has also found its place in Indian movies. Bollywood or the Indian film industry has in its history produced a number of melodious tunes which are hummed by people even to this day. Although the music world has undergone transformation, the popularity of soothing tunes that evoke deep emotions still rank high as the latest raunchy numbers.

Melody At Its Best: Best 2016 Bollywood EDM DJ Remixes

Diwana hua badal from Kashmir Ki Kali (1964) composed by the ahead-of-his time musician O P Nayyar, and rendered ever so beautifully by Asha Bhonsle and Mohd Rafi is a track that conjures up sweet memories of the era of soulful tunes.

The magic of the song Bahaon mein chale aao sung by Lata Mangeshkar with music from RD Burman continues to lure music lovers. The soft tunes and extremely beautiful picturisation complement each other.

The movie Sadma and its song Ae zindagi gale laga le remains a top favorite to this day and Suresh Wadkar conveys the true feelings of the hero Kamal Hassan in the most soulful manner.

Tumko dekha to to yeh khayal aaya from the movie saath saath is a great ghazal sung by the legendary Jagjit Singh.

Majorly the bollywood songs are massively consumed by Indian audiences only, whether they are situated in India or abroad. Bollywood music has great variety. They consist of everything from love songs to patriotic ones, the music ranges from Sufi music to special songs written for festivals, there are tracks which strike a chord in your heart and with some others you just can’t help but tap your feet. The Indian scenario is such that there is music for all occasions, happy or sad. It is basically just a popular expression of the human emotions. Only because the bollywood movies are so deeply rooted in the cultures of the society, the songs also become a device to express and project any dramatic scene of the film story in a better way.

Other songs that deserve a mention are Kaifi Azmi penned waqt ne kiya kya hasi sitam, Mukesh’s magic in kabhi kabhi mere dil mein, Rafi’s beautiful rendition of tere mere sapne. Off late, there has been an increased importance on item numbers in movies and most movies today have atleast one item number featuring sultry voices and raunchy moves. Item girls gyrate to these numbers, which are a rage among youngsters and the elderly. However, songs like Tere Liye from Veer Zara, Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Tere Naina – My Name Is Khan, Main Jahaan Rahoon from Namastey London etc continue to reveal the soulful side of the Indian film industry. Music is all about perception, so this is definitely not a comprehensive list of best ever bollywood songs.From lovey dovey romantic tracks to foot-tapping indie pop numbers, the popularity of Bollywood songs soars everytime a song turns into a rage because of the music, dance, picturisation and many other factors. There are a number of websites which feature videos of these songs and YouTube by far has an extensive database of Indian film music.

Daily Commuters

Daily Comutters

“Why hire a Party Bus DC? Why use Charter Buses to tour Washington DC?” These are some of the questions that are asked quite often by residents of DC as well as the surrounding region. Finding the best transportation services in Washington DC, traditionally, leaves many people using public means to commute from one place to another. They mainly did this for convenience and also as part of culture. However, this is changing rather fast. Individuals or groups searching for rides to DCA, Verizon center, celebrity tours, concerts, bus tours around DC, airport transportation, museum tours, rides to Dulles and more are opting to hire Party buses.

So what makes people charter a bus for private transportation, games, concert, regional tours or Museum Tours in DC? Well, the truth is they do so for many reasons. In fact, the reasons are always rising as the days go by. One,some use private transportation to avoid DUI’s,others find taking the rides to Washington Wizards games, Redskin Games, Verizon centre, or any other location in DC more convenient, while some love the privacy and comfort they receive during the bus tours. Hiring a private bus is proving to be quite handy especially nowadays where traffic jams and snarl-up are becoming order of the day.

The concert, museum, or bus tours around DC serve quite a number of areas. In fact, the regions served by the party bus DC are always increasing. This is being influenced by growing demand for such services, increased competition in the market, and also a more informed customer. In order to address the growing demand, operators of the charter buses are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. This entails using high experienced and dedicated drivers and chauffeurs, operating a fleet of well-maintained party buses, providing exceptional customer service, and also expanding the area of coverage.

Customers hire the rides to Nissan Pavillion in Bristow VA, Verizon center,Dulles, DCA, and Redskins games among other destinations. The service is offered for all kinds of customers who include the ordinary person, popular figures, celebrities, individuals, or groups. The bus tours around DC can come as either ordinary or may be customised to suit a customer’s preference. For instance, quite a number of people use private transportation to avoid DUI’s or DWI’s. This may apply to a person trying to avoid being arrested while intoxicated or an individual that already has his driver’s license withdrawn. Airport transport using limos, sedans, or buses are also quite popular especially for visitors to the region.

Choosing the right concert, or bus, or museum Tours in DC should not be a daunting task. Also, selecting the appropriate Rides to Washington Wizards games, Dulles, Verizon centre, or Rides to Nissan Pavillion in Bristow VA should not bring you sleepless nights. All what you have to do is choose a popular and seasoned firm providing private bus rides to DCA, airport, concerts, as well as the entire region. With the right party bus DC, an individual will not only tour the region in style but also have a stress-free experience while riding in DC.

Chicago Based Marketing Firms


Important Features to have on a Website for a Law Firm

Online presence is a modern aspect and a need for any law firm so finding a good Chicago marketing agency is the right thing to do. A good website creates publicity and makes it possible for potential clients to locate, contact and get more details about your firm. A website shows your firm’s image in terms of specialization, experience, personality and ability to communicate to the public. A legal web design that is appealing has much significance to your firm’s practice.

The most important feature on a law firm’s website is clear contact details. Your potential clients need adequate contact details on how to get in touch with you on mobile and landline numbers, e-mail address and physical address so the proper legal web design is needed. This information should be made prominent on the site and should be available hassle free. In some cases, the contact numbers should be clickable to make a call and a contact form should be provided without the need of putting in email address.

The web content on the website should be easy to understand. There should be clear information on what you do on certain common situations. As most clients are not lawyers, the language used should be in layman’s terms and easy to comprehend. All the content should be well summarized for the client to grasp whether you have what they require. For different service descriptions, use separate landing pages linked to the main page.

The website should be easy to use with instant access to information with a single click. The content should be compelling, humanizing the profession and making lawyers easy to approach. There should be informative lawyers’ profiles as some clients need to know the lawyer before contacting them. This will also create a good impression giving positive and stronger firm’s image.

Some of the details to include on the profiles are good, presentable and professional-looking updated. More importantly, add your area of specialization, experience with specific client needs and clients’ reviews that are true and accurate.

The content should be of high quality, relevant and useful and not necessarily for SEO purposes or self-promotion. SEO is important but the visitors need web content that is useful to them. They will visit back the site if the published information is helpful. Use skilled content writers to write your web content for a professional appearance.

A good legal web design should make the website easy to navigate and should have use-friendly feature. Such features could include an internal search engine, accurate navigation text and a site map.

DC Hot Spots

Dream Night Club DC

Vegas Style Clubs: Check Out Washington DC’s Latest Craze!

Washington DC could not boast of a vibrant nightlife in the past but the best nightclubs in DC can’t compare to one of them. However, these days one has a greater choice in nightclubs, lounges and bars in the area. There are numerous night clubs which offer a wider choice of venues to revel the night away. Most clubs now feature live music ranging from jazz or live bands and DJ music which goes on late way into the wee hours of the morning.

With Vega style nightclubs, DC caters to everyone’s taste. Themed clubs are also in plenty. There are a lot of gay /lesbian clubs in 17th street in Dupont circle. Club Chaos is quite a thrilling place as is the Dupont Italian Kitchen. For electronic and trance music fans, the super clubs, Club Glow and Fur Night club both offer amazing talents and extremely vibrant sounds to please evevryone.

High end clubs take on a more lounge feel, with exquisite wines, and private VIP spaces. Upscale clubs include the Capitale, Love with four levels and four decks and luxurious sitting lounges, the Lux Lounge and the sophisticated Recess Lounge. These places boast of a classier clientele where money is no object for a great night out!

Another high end lounge, The District, boasts a sushi bar for those who want something more exotic on the menu. It’s also a great place for people who may want to dance the night away as the DJs play a variety of music and, oh, you should get there a bit earlier as the place gets really packed once the night gets older.

The only major differences between the upscale clubs and younger-themed clubs would be the size, the number of different rooms available and, of course, the music. A really Vegas style nightclub is the Opera UltraLounge with excellent DJ music in a highly charged atmosphere.

There are also really large high capacity venues for concerts and large scale music events. The Echostage can hold up to 30,000 people. The Ibiza DC nightclub also offers four different rooms and boasts state of the art lighting and sound. It also has private rooms.

Latin and African themed clubs are also available in DC. Clubs such as the Lima Lounge or the Havana Lounge will give you a taste of the respective cultures that inspire them. Café Citron is also a two-level Latin lounge that offers salsa music and flamenco performances on some nights. The Bukom Café is a West African inspired nightclub where you can enjoy reggae music.

Driving Conditions Normal


Transportation in Washington DC – How to Drive in Washington DC

One of the most wonderful things when you are living in Washington DC is getting a lovely sedan service in DC that can get you around the city and to many places very quickly and conveniently. Washington DC is a popular destination due to its closeness to other neighboring cities, as well as having a wide mixture of places that you can drive to and enjoy with your friends or family. Within a couple of hours you might be enjoying the mountains, the sea, notable towns and other real urban areas along the mid-Atlantic district. Driving in Washington DC can be amazing and full of fun, especially when you are a good driver on busy roads.

As with other States in America, there are rules set by the Washington DC Department of Transportation concerning what rules the drivers need to adhere to. When you drive in Washington DC, it is a must that you have your driving permit or else you will be arrested. Additionally, there is driving speed limit of 65 miles per hour; driving over the speed limit is not only dangerous, it is a crime in this busy city.

If you are new in Washington DC, you can find rough mileages and assessed driving times from Washington DC to numerous well known driving destinations. Remember that mileages and driving times from Washington DC to any other place depends, obviously, on where you are leaving from. Driving times will shift depending on the time of day, driving conditions set by the traffic department, your skills in driving on a very busy road, and development ventures that are underway. In Washington DC, zone activity is regularly unusual.

There are days of the week when the roads tend to be very busy; the peak hours occur every Monday to Friday since people are busy going to their places of work or taking their children to school. Morning hours are very busy, especially from 6 a.m. until around 9:30 a.m. (when people are driving to their places of work or school). Additionally, evening hours from 3:30 p.m. until around 6:30 p.m. (when people are driving back home from their places of work or school) roads in Washington DC are extremely busy. On vacation weekends, traffic activity could be extremely congested and requires significant deferrals. It’s important to be aware and to know the time when the roads are not busy for you to drive in Washington DC especially when you are a learner.

Shoes R Fun

Have fun with shoelaces

My monotonous look
One fine day I told my best friend that I am tired of trying to change my look. I do change many things in my appearance, but now even those have become monotonous. Some like to wear this, some like to wear that but it all comes down to even the craziest of fashion ideas, such as, Lebron shoelaces.

I asked her if she could suggest me another way to change my look.
I got a pat reply “Did you try changing your hairstyle”
I said yes, I have done that a lot many times. It does help but I have got bored.

Here came another suggestion, “Try having a varied wardrobe
Again, I had a prompt reply, “I have plenty of clothes from different countries.”

The only option left is to go to office dressed as a cowboy now.
Finally came a good answer from my friend: “You must have tried wearing different types of shoelaces also, right?”

Did you trying wearing different shoelaces? This was actually something new. I said no, this sounds new to me.

My dear shoelaces
So, with the passion to explore a new change in my dressing style, I explored multiple websites over Internet and picked up my few shoelace styles. I am sharing a few of them with you. See if you like them.

1. Shoes can be crayons: Well, since you cannot paint your shoes in different colors daily, in case you don’t have 100 pairs already, you can buy different colors of shoe laces. Now, you can try pairing these shoelaces with different shoes and see the resulting change.

2. 2 side prints: Check out some e-commerce sites and you will find these 2 side printed laces.
Wear one side on Monday and the next on Friday. This is actually a budget option for me.

3. Disco Shoelaces: If you’re a guy, you can wear these light shoe laces and take your girl to a party. Who will not get impressed?

4. Go Sparkle: Try out Nike sparkle laces for women. A little sparkle adds to your look terrifically.

5. Cowboy Look: If you really want to try a cowboy look some fine day, try a pair of leather or was shoelaces. They look really awesome if paired with black or long shoes.

6. Create new lacing: Surprise your colleagues with straight lacing on one day and criss-cross lacing on the other day.
Pentagram or ladder lacing can give you an edge in the crowd.

Go play

Be a free soul and go play with your shoe laces and let your friends know. I just did that. So, go and spread some more glamor around.